The Secret To Longevity

An important part of a woman's life is the inevitable process of aging and this process is one that gradually happens over the course of a woman's life. Though its effects may first appear to manifest externally, as we mature we begin to also notice the internal changes as well. However, the speed at which we mature is one variable that vary widely depending on diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, and belief. One way to slow the aging process is by balancing the endocrine system - the ultimate regulator of all other body systems which also helps to balance hormones. A balanced endocrine system not only means a happier and healthier you, but also synergy and internal harmony. 


 Here are some lifestyle recommendations that will help to support the balance and restoration of the endocrine system and also help you maintain that youthful glow! 


🌸 Sleep

Rest is essential towards recuperation and repair of the body. When you get regular amounts of restorative sleep, your entire body benefits. Establishing a routine that includes at least 7 to nine hours of sleep and being in bed before midnight are critical steps towards restoring internal harmony. 


🌸 Drink Plenty of Water  

It's no secret that water is necessary for every cell, tissue, and organ in the body to effectively work. Water performs functions such as regulating body temperature, flushing out toxins and waste, and transporting nutrients throughout the body. Consequently, without an efficient amount of water being ingested regularly, poor health outcomes are quick to arise. The goal should be to consume at least half of your bodyweight in ounces daily and drink filtered or spring water is free of neurotoxins like chlorine, fluoride, and aluminum that can have disastrous effects on the brain and your overall health. 


🌸 Daily Exercise   

Not only does regular exercise help to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate internal organs, but it also helps to encourage sleep, reduce cholesterol levels, and facilitate clear thinking. During exercise, endorphins are released and this helps to naturally boost your mood. Ideally, you should exercise three to four times a week as a start. This recommendation is actually one of the best steps you can take to support your longevity. 


🌸 Exercise the Brain  

By keeping those neurons firing, you can help to combat the degeneration of the brain. It's encouraged that you engage in activities that are mentally challenging (i.e crosswords, puzzles, and learning new things) as these can help to strengthen brain function. You can also keep your mind active by reading, writing, or participating in more interesting discussions and debates.  New experiences and more difficult mental activities help to challenge your brain in a way that encourages adaptation and keeps it strong.


🌸 Manage Your Stress  

The management of stress is also a crucial recommendation for the slowing down of the aging process. Stress can cause a significant rise in cortisol levels and when levels of cortisol are chronically high, this can lead to a depletion of nutrients that are critical for healthy glowing skin. Chronic stress can also alter neurotransmitter production to the extent of hormones being consistently out of balance and increase silent inflammation which enhances the effect of aging. High stress levels can be combatted by taking the necessary time of day to engage in daily meditation, exercise, or relaxation. It might also help to take slow walks in nature while listening to soft music. Taking the time to disconnect is essential for our happiness and overall well-being. 


🌸 Connect with Others  

The key to healthy aging is a social connecting. Strong relationships with others offer the comfort of feeling supported and this assists with the general sense of feeling loved and cared for. Seek social opportunities with not just friends and family members, but also with new people. 


We hope these tips will benefit you as you go about managing the aging process!

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