Let's Talk Sex

Sex is oftentimes a topic that is not frequently brought up in conversation. It's awkward. It's private. It's even taboo for some. So let's get comfortable! We understand that you may have some questions and you're a bit shy to ask how Yoni Steam could help spice up your sex life, but we're here to help!


How can Yoni Steam lead to better sex? 


💜 Increases lubrication 


💜 Tightens the vaginal walls


💜 Awakens stagnant sexual energy


💜 Helps with libido 


💜 Improves sexual health by activating sacral chakra


💜 Helps to connect to self and encourage self-love


💜 Balance pH naturally


Not only does Yoni Steam encourage the sexy, sensual feeling that amplifies one's sex drive, but it also helps that the very act of steaming can be slightly arousing, which helps in turning you on!


So why not try it out? 

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